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Pinwheels, Pinwheels Everywhere

Local children have been busy making pinwheels to show their support of Child Abuse Prevention Month. Look for their colorful pinwheels around school yards and at other locations around town. 

Want to make your own pinwheel? Click here to download a pattern and instructions.

Go Blue in April! Show your support for Child Abuse Prevention Month by "going blue."

at home

  • Blue Wreaths and Bows
    Attract questions from your neighbors with an eye-catching blue wreath on your door and blue bow on your mailbox. Use the opportunity to discuss child abuse prevention.
  • Sidewalk Art
    Give your kids blue chalk and let them cover up the driveway and sidewalks with their art.

at work/around town

  • From Blue to Better (FBTB) Shirt
    Encourage employees and co-workers to purchase a FBTB t-shirt to wear in April. Click here to order online. Don’t forget to personalize your t-shirts with your company logo!
  • Blue Workspace
    Transform your work area into a conversation starter. Wrap your door or walls in blue wrapping paper, display blue balloons, use blue notepads and pens, etc.
  • Blue News
    Incorporate the FBTB message into your newsletters, bulletin boards, or reports.
  • Be a Moving Billboard
    Use a blue window marker (car chalk) to write “From Blue to Better” and draw stick figure kids on your car windows. 
  • Sport Blue with Style
    Wear blue accessories: Blue feathers/ribbons in your hair), blue shoelaces, blue fingernail polish, etc. When people compliment your stylish use of blue, use the opportunity to discuss child abuse prevention.

at school

  • Blue Bulletin Boards
    Dedicate a bulletin board to the From Blue To Better campaign – showcase prevention techniques and encourage open discussion of child abuse.
  • Sidewalk Art:
    Gather your fellow educators or students and cover your school’s sidewalks with the From Blue To Better message.

in your community

  • Prevention Pinwheels
    Print out a pinwheel pattern and instruction guide. Gather your friends for a pinwheel making party! Then join us at events in April to plant your pinwheels in support of child abuse prevention.
  • Get Involved, Be An Advocate
    Don’t let your involvement end when April does. Seek out your local child protection agency and discover ways you can get involved. Children suffering from child abuse count on community leaders like you to be their voice.
  • Recognize the Signs 
    Learn about child abuse. Know the signs and ways to report suspected child abuse. Learn more at and
  • Report Suspected Neglect or Abuse 
    We are too often tricked into believing our little actions have little impact. One phone call could not only save the life of a child experiencing abuse, but could also save their future – help make it bright! Call 1-800-96ABUSE to report suspected child abuse. 

Show Your Bows!

From Blue to Better wants you to Show Your Bows during the month of April! Free bows are available for you to display at your place of business, simply call Gulf Coast Kid’s House at 595-5800. Each bow comes with an informational poster.

Get Educated!

Learn the signs and start a dialogue. Child abuse knows no boundaries and it is up to adults to keep children safe. Visit our "Get Educated" page to learn how to prevent child abuse, recognize if abuse is occurring, and how to report.